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Well, hey there!

If you’re here, I reckon you might want to know more about me. My bio’s a good place to start, but, in a nutshell:

I write.

Yup, I mean I do all sorts of things. Hike. Sleep. Eat. The usual things. But sprinkled through it all is my passion for telling stories. RC Victorino - WriterThat’s what led me to becoming a journalist,  digital content strategist, and published author. With every project I take on I create the type of content that audiences seek out, soak in, and share. The work I’ve handcrafted over the years includes thousands of articles with hundreds of thousands of social shares as well as countless email campaigns, web pages, newsletters, marketing materials and more. But it’s not just quantity. It’s quality. 

The content I produce digs deeper. It goes beyond catchphrases and clickbait. I design my work to turn heads, spur conversation and compel readers to engage. 


Hubspot Certified Content Writer

Hootsuite Certified

SEO Copywriter

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It all comes down to story. Each week I share with my community tips and ideas on how they can use compelling storytelling in the digital age to get their voices heard.

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Here’s the most recent piece I shared with my community

Netflix, Binge Watching, and a New Take on Email Marketing

People waste away weekends binge-watching shows. Why can’t that same behavior trickle into your relationship with your audience?

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