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RC Victorino

Fiction and Creative Writing

Short Stories

“My Name Is Redemption” was published* in the #14 Edition of Slice Literary Magazine (Feb. 2014), based in Brooklyn, NYC, but made available nationwide through Barnes & Nobles and other bookstores.

*Published under the pen name “R. Christian.”

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The Treasure of Peg Leg – 2016 (Wicked Owl Films)


A film made by RC and his wife, Jennifer Lynn, The Treasure of Peg Leg was a short film submitted to the 253 Seconds Film Festival in Tacoma, WA. All filmmakers had to incorporate a toothbrush, an allergy, a Tacoma-based business, and the line “That’s all she wrote” in their films.







A Bloodless Crime – 2014 (Pilotgroove)


Audience Choice Award Winner – NH 48 Hour Film Festival


Directed by Ben Peirce and co-written by Peirce, P.J. Huot and RC Victorino, “A Bloodless Crime” is the seventh 48 hour film from Pilotgroove Pictures. This dark comedy stars the all-star duo of Carlton Greene (Just Remember That They’re Dead) and Dan Larson (J.R.T.T.D., Clear the Cache). Jacqueline Dubois (Clear the Cache) returns as required character, Alexis Fleming, whose fate hangs in the balance with each passing second of this hilarious 5-minute maelstrom of betrayal, lust and murder.





A Split Second – 2012 (Pilotgroove)


All is not well set on the the set of America’s hottest game show. Is host, Chuck Dupin cracking under the pressure or is there something else at play? We’ve reached the final round and contestant #2 has the lead but as we all know, life can change in a split second! From Pilotgroove Pictures comes “A Split Second” — a psychological thriller that grabs hold of you and won’t let go until the final horn.