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Crowdfunding Campaign Content, Design & Management.

Landing pages. Drip campaigns. Project videos. Marketing.

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Available for all major crowdfunding platforms, including:

crowdfunding campaign manager

Crowdfunding management features:

Pre-Campaign Marketing

Build a buzz (and audience) before campaign launch. Landing pages. Social media. Content marketing. Drip messaging. PR.

Campaign Setup

Development of every aspect of your crowdfunding page. Company history. Product specs. Project video. Backer rewards.

Community Outreach

Motivate your supporters. Well-timed social posts and email blasts encourage them to back your project. And, to share your project with friends and family.

Post-Campaign Plan

Following your campaign, keep the momentum going. A comprehensive content marketing plan for your team to implement to continue upward growth.

Get funded. Build your audience.

Everything you need for a winning crowdfunding campaign.

Why you should use crowdfunding

Whether you need $1,000 or $5 million, crowdfunding campaigns can get you there.

Not only that, but by using the art of crowdfunding, you’re connecting to your audience on a deeper level and inviting them to play a part in your long-term success.

kickstarter copywriter

Posting a page on Kickstarter won’t get you to your goal.

But one conversation could.