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Messaging Campaigns — Written and Executed

Acquire new audiences. Onboard new users. Retain customers. I develop the strategy, write the content, and manage your campaigns from start to finish.


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Start and maintain rewarding conversations with your audiences.

Some examples include:

  • Cold emails people will actually open (and respond to)
  • Visitor in-app messages to highlight a key feature
  • Welcome emails to engage new users
  • Triggered messages to turn casual customers into power users

Quick example of messaging for an SaaS product:

You’ve just launched an app targeted at freelance writers (the app allows writers to find jobs and manage their writing projects). You offer a 14-day free trial, after which, your goal is to convert these users into paying customers.

How do you make that happen? Here are just some of the ideas I’d recommend:

  • Visitor in-app messages on your landing page to pop-up for repeat visitors to your page. This message should offer some type of discount or exclusive offer to convert these folks who’ve already shown interest in your product.
  • Welcome email (when people do sign up for a free trial). It shouldn’t repeat what the customer already knows (that they signed up for a free trial). It needs to help them get started with a key “win” (in this case, you create a video that shows them how to create and save a customized job search).
  • 48 hours after they sign up, if they haven’t taken any action in the app, you’d shoot out a second email that highlights a different feature.
  • If, however, the user does use the app within 48 hours, hold off on an email. Rather, create in-app messages that help the user unlock key features of the app, based on their actions. So, if our user creates his first filtered job search, then trigger an in-app message that shows them how to set up notifications. That way they get an email as soon as a new job opening that matches their criteria is available.

This is just the beginning. There’s an incredible amount of potential here, between emails and in-app. For example, by day 14 of the free trial period, you’d want to find a way to convert some hesitant users.


For active users, you’d send a different message and offer than to passive users.

This type of differentiation, and this attention to detail, is exactly what I offer to clients looking to use messaging to build and retain their customers.

And what about strangers? Is cold email really dead?

Far from it. While one of the most challenging strategies to execute properly, cold emails can build incredible long-term relationships with key target audiences.

It takes a special expertise to know how to break through the red-flag barrier audiences create for cold emails.

And that’s exactly what I bring to the table. Copywriting expertise.

Get Results from Your Messaging Strategy.

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