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Landing Pages that Convert

Copy, structure, and ongoing A/B testing. 


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Landing pages: Web pages with Purpose.

Every page on your website should be designed and written to funnel your visitors toward an action. In other words, every page is a landing page. 

Your home page; your product/service pages; even your about page – all of them have one job: to drive conversions.

“Landing pages are the new direct marketing, and everyone with a website is a direct marketer.” ~Seth Godin

Slack’s main landing page is a great example of a web page built for conversions:


slack landing page (1)


Let’s delve into the reason why this page is so effective now.

What do you need to create web pages that deliver results?

First, you have to determine the purpose of your page.

  • Home pages – The content here has to speak to a wide range of visitors
  • Product/service pages – Focus the content on the specifics of your offering (Tip: Your about page is a chance to show off your best product – Your unique selling proposition).
  • Ad pages – Due to the nature of an ad campaign, these landing pages can be tailored to a narrow and specific audience

Knowing the type of landing page you need will help you concentrate your efforts for the best results (the image above is Slack’s home page, by.the way).

Still, even a focused message isn’t going to drive conversions.

That’s because most web pages are:

  1. Cluttered with friction points — Roadblocks that give your visitors enough reason to jump ship, and
  2. Lacking in true value

If you can increase the value of your message (making sure your message is clear and relevant), and decrease the amount of friction your visitors experience (including simplifying and minimizing your content), you’re sure to improve your conversion rates.

Slack’s main title: “Where work happens” is extremely clear. It’s not cryptic or sales-like. It doesn’t say “You need X.” It states what Slack is – period.

The next part, the subhead, helps to reinforce the header’s message by going into detail. If possible, it’s important to try to connect with your visitors. That’s why, on this home page landing page, Slack opted to use phrases like “kick off a project” and hire a new employee” and so on. They’re looking to relate to a wide variety of audiences.

Then, the button text. Again, it’s clear, not overly clever, and explains to the visitor exactly what to expect if he or she clicks on the button.

But let’s be clear here – doing this isn’t easy. It’s in our nature to want to drone on and on in sweeping sentences peppered with marketing jargon and sales speak.

It takes a special skill and expertise to be able to craft a web page that converts.

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