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Unleash Your Inner Cyclist at Tacoma’s Handlebar Cycling Studio – For South Sound Talk, published on 9/4/2015

Reach New Heights at Tacoma’s Edgeworks Climbing – For South Sound Talk, published on 10/23/2015

Get Trapped in Tacoma – Embrace Local Escape Rooms – For South Sound Talk, published on 4/21/2017

Sail Above the Sound with Pacific Parasail — For South Sound Talk, published 7/25/2016

Mind & Inspiration

Whatever Happened to Something Being its Own Reward – For Spellbound (Irvine, CA), published on 11/23/2015

Reinventing Coffee. How a “Simple” Drink Survived the Ages – For Spellbound (Irvine, CA) published on 2/6/2018

The Power of Good Storytelling in Marketing  – Ghostwriting article for Adobe, published on 12/9/2014

Search Psychology 101: Start Creating Great Content People Love – For InThink (Boston, MA), published on 10/18/2016

Using the Current Healthcare Debate to Provide Value to Potential Patients – For Cardinal (Atlanta, GA), published on 8/14/17

Dominate Local SEO with New Google My Business Posts – For Cardinal (Atlanta, GA), published on 8/2/17

Health & Wellness

Does the Gender Wage Gap Impact Naturopathic Doctors? Ghostwriting article for The Natural Path, published on 10/29/2015

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