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Web Design, Development and Deployment

I use WordPress to build 85% of client websites, because, in my opinion, WordPress:

  1. Allows the most flexibility in design
  2. Makes it easy to use your website as a marketing powerhouse
  3. And is built for easy client maintenance

Coffee Shop Web Design

The first one is for Cafe La Reine, an independent coffee shop in Manchester, NH. The coffee shop owner, my friend Alex, wanted to improve the design of her site, and she wanted an easier way to edit the content.

The site can be seen here.


In addition to designing the site, I provided my own photography to some of the pages, including that home page image above. I also installed an events plugin to allow my client, Alex, to easily manage her upcoming events.

Singer/Songwriter Web Design

I have a friend, Kristen Marlo, who was locked out of her old website by accident. But she didn’t mind, because she also wanted to update the look of her site. Aside from designing her website, I also helped migrate domains and handle all of her hosting issues.

The site can be seen here.


Overall this site wasn’t too difficult to build, except I had to do some modifications to the main navigation to get the clear background to appear solely on the home page. Kristen really wanted simplicity, so I used anchor-scroll actions to allow her home page to contain several of the menu options found in her main nav. You’ll see what I mean when you visit the site; in the end, this minimized how many pages Kristen has to manage on her own.